Essay: Design and analysis for the students strengths index (SSI)

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Essay: Design and analysis for the students strengths index (SSI)

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The twenty first century has seen an upsurge of individuals seeking graduate education. This can be attributed to an unwavering awareness of the necessity for education in today’s world. As it takes precedence in many people’s lives education has however been accompanied by several wanting aspects. Of dire importance is the limited access of graduate education for nontraditional students who often find themselves cut off by admission committees in many graduate programs.

Hayes (2007) sets out to examine this case scenario and offer alternative measures which can be used in increasing the inclusion of nontraditional students in graduate programs. This paper seeks to develop a critique of the thesis proposed for research to be carried out by Hayes in her endeavor to provide an alternative design for measuring graduate success and therefore provide more valid tools to be used by admission committees in graduate schools.

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