Essay: Desensitization in Today’s Generation

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Essay: Desensitization in Today’s Generation

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Desensitization (also called inurement) can be described as a procedure for justifying the injurious outcomes of fears or other disorders. It can also happen when a response to an emotion is evoked repeatedly to a point whereby the tendency to act under some circumstances proves to be irrelevant or of no use. Witnessing a horrendous scene like the terrorists attacks on the twin towers of America and the effects that were brought about by Hurricane Katrina may result in desensitization in the victim (Chamove, 2005).

The kind of movies that we watch and the video games that we play a significant role in the kind of people we might become. People who lost their loved and got others injured in the hurricane and the September 11 terrorist attacks find it very hard to forget the terrible things that they witnessed or read and saw in the media. The fact that those who lost their lives were innocent makes the situation more complicated since most of the survivors seek for revenge.

Background/Review of the Literature

Hurricane Katrina is considered the third deadliest in the history of the US with an estimated death toll of 1,836 lives and a property worthy 81 Billion US dollars. The fact that the US government is blamed for not taking immediate action to help those who were caught in the melee has affected the way most youth think about witnessing a violent situation (Knabb, Rhome  & Brown, 2005).  The terrorist’s attacks and the war in Iraq have led to loss of many American lives. All these coupled with the kind of video games we play increases the chances of aggression in the people. They affect anybody in the vicinity negatively on how they can react if they are confronted by violent situations. According to Connor et al, there are two types of aggression namely

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