Essay: Can Desensitization lead to Violent Acts

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Essay: Can Desensitization lead to Violent Acts

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Very many people in the US are finding it very difficult to forget the violent experiences that they have been witnessing of late. People have become more selfish and they only care about what is affecting them. There is no single news shot that does not show violence occurring somewhere around the world. The world has become less safe and trust has diminished between people especially strangers. Movies are showing more real violent scenes and video games are becoming more violent with scenes that are almost real. The characters in modern video games look like real people as opposed to the past when the characters bore the characteristics of cartoons.

It is imperative to note that some experiences have effects in the lives of an individual that might be hard to erase. Experiencing events such as Hurricane Katrina will give the victim both long and short-term side effects. The cognitions that go though the mind of a person as he tries to remember the things that he or she saw immediate actions are classified as short-term effects whereas long-term effects are just hypothesis since there is no conclusive research on this aspect.

Violent experiences might desensitize the victim to such an extent that he might not assist a person who is being violently attacked. The fact the player of a violent video game has virtually been witnessing violent acts in his or her thoughts will make him or her not to be shocked when he or she witnesses a very violent act. Desensitization might also lead to a person to actively get involved in the violent act. This is because the mind has been used to these kinds of scenes although they are virtual (Munger, 2008). This play a great role in a player engaging in violent acts those are not necessary. These acts can lead to bad behaviors such as shooting dead colleagues at school without any provocation.

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