Essay: Desensitization in the Generation of Today

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Essay: Desensitization in the Generation of Today

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Many bad experiences that have been happening in the recent times may have led to desensitization in the generation of today. Some of the bad experiences that the people of today have witnessed include hurricane Katrina, the B P oil spill, war in Iraq as well as the September 11 terrorist attacks.

In addition, the things that the people of today are engaging during their free time are full of violence. The news that we watch every day to movies and the video games that we play; lots of violence is going on in our society. Desensitization leads to a person not being able to sympathize with another person if the latter is in difficulty. Witnessing violent attacks by the young generation may lead to desensitization, which affects the way a person may behave in the future. The events of Hurricane Katrina have led to many changes in the lives of many youths of today. Very many young people lost their loved ones and this will affected their lives forever. The fact that those who lost lives were innocent men and women makes the events to forever be etched in the minds of survivors and those who were affected indirectly. Too many innocent lives were lost and the fact there was immediate aid from the government has affected the lives of the victims tremendously. A study can be conducted to ascertain the effects that the hurricane had on the lives of college going children in order to know whether they need professional aid. Those who are most affected by the events can be offered proffessio0nal help in order to help them forget the trauma that they went through.

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