Essay: How desensitization affects the behaviors of people

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Essay: How desensitization affects the behaviors of people

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In the research by Anderson and Bushman, they had five hypotheses about how desensitization affects the behaviors of people, which are

  • Aggressive attitudes and beliefs
  • Players have aggressive schemes
  • Aggressive scripts in behavior
  • Aggressive hopes and
  • Individuals are desensitized towards aggression (Anderson & Bushman 2008).

Subjects are directed by the experimenters to try to visualize what exactly transpired on the days they witnessed the most violent scene in their lives. Remembering a horrendous experience such as the experiences of hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 events should definitely increase the heart rate.  The fact that there is no significant difference between those who have witnessed a violent scene and those who did not shows that persons who are used to violent scenes get desensitized to the extent they are not shocked by seeing violent acts. Galvanic skin response, which is used to measure arousal in a person, showed that those who were directly affected by hurricane Katrina had less arousal. Those also who were directly affected by the terrorist attacks had a reduced arousal upon remembering the incident. This is an indication that they had been desensitized (Munger, 2008).

Anderson and Bushman did a conclusive research in the year 2008, which employed the general aggression model (GAM). They showed that there was a complex relationship between having exposure to violence and aggression. GAM has gone to great lengths to explain how aggression and the chances of individual vulnerability due to the manipulation of violence. In reference to GAM, both situational and personological variables interact to affect a person’s internal state (Anderson & Bushman 2008). Thoughts that go through the mind of anyone who is remembering the things he or she saw in the past are associated with the feelings and the actions that person might take. The process of making decisions starts after the brain has completed interpreting the data that has been provided. Some decision can be instantaneous which might lead to a person doing the wrong thing.

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