Essay: Description of the Sample on Eating Disorders

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Essay: Description of the Sample on Eating Disorders

Sample Essay

Description of the study sample shall be based on the percentage and number of each racial group sampled from the chosen institutions. Sub-descriptions shall include religious background, courses, mean age, socio-economic status background and parental descriptions like education, income, occupation and religion (Foulks, 1998, p. 278).

Demographics Form

The demographics form shall be included to add credibility and accuracy of the outcomes of the research and instrumentation. This is because the form contains data that relates to the description of the participant’s like gender, age, year of study, religion, race/ethnicity (Rachel, 2002, pp. 218), parent’s education and occupation, socioeconomic status. However, it is important to note that, categories for race/ethnicity and religion shall be obtained from the U.S. Census (2000) to facilitate the research.

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