Essay: Describing scenes in a photograph

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Essay: Describing scenes in a photograph

This picture doesn’t show my auntie, grandmother from my father’s side and a neighbor who were seated in the house. My friends from the neighborhood were all in the back yard playing. My best friends Stacy and Lucy were seated in the gazebo, where we were playing with our dolls. I had left them to meet my brother.

The picture did not show the hullabaloo that was going on in the house and in the back, where the rest of the invited guests were. We were having guests over, to welcome my brother from school. His friends from his old school were invited too. All the hustle and bustle is not revealed in this picture.

The picture does not show my joy after the initial shock. It does not show the joy I had to see him, nor does it show my brother pick up our little brother. How my brother picked me up and gave me a big hug. It does not show the embrace I received, nor the glean on my brother’s face as he hands to me a box of candy he had bought for me.

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