Essay: Describing a Photograph

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Essay: Describing a Photograph

In the background I see our gazebo; my brother is running away from it. Surrounding the gazebo are trees and shrubs. I cannot see the whole gazebo, just one edge of it. The gazebo has been painted white, it is not clear in the picture but from memory I know the paint was peeling. Around the gazebo edges are little bushes with yellow flowers, I see one of its pillars has a climbing plant. That is growing all the way to the roof, almost covering the roof.

The whole background of the picture is covered by trees, I see mother’s apple tree, and a hibiscus tree too. It is beautiful with the green of the leaves and the sunlight fighting to pass through the leaves, onto the grass below.

I see myself standing close to the forefront, with my little hands crossed over my chest. I am in a yellow sleeveless dress, with my dark hair resting on my right shoulder. I am wearing a blank look, my face looks expressionless. My lips tightly pressed together, a serious ten year old I look.

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