Essay: How can an IT Department win the Top Management

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Essay: How can an IT Department win the Top Management

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For any organization, there are a number of proposals from the different department and the management must rank them according to priority. For the IT department to win the top management, it must develop a custom-made project that a firm will find worthy investing. The project needs to have a project cycle besides explaining the expected returns to the firm.

A strategy or project needs to be fully researched and details presented along with the pros and cons of the project. It is obviously expected that the pros will exceed the cons and the returns are expected to be yielded over a long period. Through this, the IT department initiatives are likely to win the support of the top management.

7. For any budget to be met, it is of paramount essence to plan effectively and the plan to be followed to the letter.  However, since a budget is an estimate. The besides planning, a budget may not be met since the parties involved in the implementing are incompetent.  The following factors can also make a budget not to be met:

  • if the estimate are wrong,
  • in case the most important elements of the budget are not highlighted
  • lack of proper pilot survey in the market and industry at large since they are ever changing
  • lack of accountability by those implementing the budget
  • lack of an expert on the desired
  • changes in prices for  the products and services to be purchased
  • inflation in the economy

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