Essay: Dental Erosion

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Essay: Dental Erosion

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Teeth appear in two rows in every adult’s mouth and they are 32 in number. At first deciduous dentition is the first to grow in a human, but they are replaced later by the permanent teeth which are subjected to tear and wear at different stages in life. Dental erosion may be defined as the loss of dental hard tissue through either chemical etching and dissolution of acids of non-bacterial origins (Amaechi, & Higham 2005). These tear and wear include what is referred to as dental erosion.

A recent study, which was published in an article by Ji & Gao showed that most of the biological foods we take in our every day’s lives have far-reaching negative effects on our teeth (XU Ting-ting  2009). Teeth are made of both organic and inorganic materials with the enamel being the inorganic part. The enamel is a very hard layer of inorganic material that is responsible for protecting the organic part of the tooth that is in the inside of the tooth. The main component of the enamel is hydroxyapatite (HA), which forms 96% of it and it is the hardest inorganic material in the body. People tend to think that sugar is the only food that has negative effect on the teeth, but research has shown that acids in beverages are dangerous too. (CBS News 2008)

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