Essay: Definitions of ethnic minorities

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Essay: Definitions of ethnic minorities

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Bhopal (2004) states that ethnicity refers to a specific social group of individuals sharing common characteristics such as origin of ancestry, languages, religion, geographical settings, diet, culture and physical features. The characteristics which define ethnicity are variables, thus it is perceived as imprecise and fluid, it differs from one race, nationality, religion and migrant social stature to another.

Societal collection featured with distinct social and cultural traditions passed from one generation to another sharing same past and origin with sense of identity in a group as suggested by Scarlett S. Lil and Jennifer L. Kelsey (2000).

Sumi Okazaki and Stanley Sue (1995) define Ethnicity as features that can be identified effortlessly having universal cultural past with several persons possessing similar characters such as race, country of origin, belief, verbal communication and cultural locale. These features used to identify ethnicity do not necessarily appear independent but in interrelated patterns and configuration thus the grouping is based on assumptions that individual shares psychological feature associated with cultures related to personality. Ethnicity is demographic variable which displays psychological values such as cultural activities, religious practices, self-concept and social statue (Foner, 2001).

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