Essay: Definition of Variable Names in women in leadership

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Essay: Definition of Variable Names in women in leadership

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Based on the relatively sensitive issue of women’s role in many communities and with relationship to this research, it is important that certain terminologies be defined (Carlyle, 1984). This would be very important in ensuring that the context with which the words are used throughout this dissertation is not in any way confused with other meanings that may be associated with the worlds in other specialties (Guston & Sarewitz, 2002).

Leadership in the context of this dissertation refers to the overall process of social influence to people and a given group without necessarily being in the actual position of management. It is the art of influencing a person or a group of people towards a achieving a common goal (Bickel, 2004; Pollit, 2005, pp.36-39). Women leadership positions is not limited to professional jobs but could extend to other community related activities.

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