Essay: Definition of Terms on Eating Disorders

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Essay: Definition of Terms on Eating Disorders

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Within scope and study of mental disorders there are three diagnosable disorders that are under eating disorders. These are bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and NOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) (Lask, Bryant, 2000, pp. 43). Thus the definition of all these disorders and other relevant terms used are as follows;

2.1 Anorexia nervosa;

This is an eating disorder characterized by a refusal to maintain a minimally normal bodyweight by a patient through starving, excessive exercises

2.2 Body Image;

This describes the extent to which one’s thoughts, actions and attention focus on looks or reliance on physical appearance to define one’s sense of self (Reiger, 1998, pp. 25).

2.3 Body Dissatisfaction;

This is dissatisfaction with overall shape and size of body parts or regions like buttocks, thighs, hips and Stomach (Money, 1994, pp. 65).

2.4 Bulimia nervosa;

An eating disorder that is characterized by repeated episodes of binge eating by a patient which is followed by inappropriate compensatory behaviors such as laxative misuse or self-induced vomiting.

2.5 Drive for Thinness;

This is fear of gaining body weight or intense drive to be thinner or preoccupation with body weight (Schwartz, 1987, pp. 162).

2.6 Ethnic identity;

This is the level of identification with group of reference or an ethnic group.

2.7 Eating disorders;

These are disorders characterized by disturbances in eating behavior such as bingeing and purging, starvation and excessive exercise (Foulks, 1998, pp. 78).

2.8 Gender;

This is described as construction of role and identity socially rather than sexually; the conviction of maleness and femaleness; and cultural construction of masculine and feminine.

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