Essay: Decisions in Paradise 2

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Essay: Decisions in Paradise 2

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Decision making process is a very important role for any manager. It is the results of the decision making process that determine whether a manager is successful or not. The manager must at the same time follow the decision making process to come up with the correct decision that shall solve the problem at hand. In the process of making the decision, the management needs to employ decision making tools and techniques to achieve the desired goal of the decision making process.

The decision-making tools and the techniques aid the managers to clearly comprehend the problem at hand and develop the precise solution like a profession. The tools are visual aids and other mechanisms that enable the managers to distinctively rank the available alternative in order to identify the best option. The decision-making techniques are a number of steps and processes that aid the managers to arrive at the best available option and eventually attain the objective of the decision making process (Vance, 2002).

The Kava post office, which is a profit-making post office, must employ a number of decision-making tools in order to achieve its objective at Kava Island, which is a great opportunity for the post office. Among the available tools at the disposal of the manager are decision trees, Operation risk management, plus minus interesting (PMI) and simple T chart among many others. Employing these tools carefully will enable the post office to achieve its noble strategy.

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