Essay: Decision making Tools used by Kava Post Office

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Essay: Decision making Tools used by Kava Post Office

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The decision-making tools used by this post office involve models, which are rational, reasonable, and prudent that involves cognitive processes. These tools are very crucial since the managers are faced with many options to solve the problem; however, not all the options can achieve the desired results. Among the best model employed by the Kava post office in efforts to achieve its goals at Kava are bounded rational decision making model, which is the Vroom-Jago-Decision model (Proctor, 2005).

It is imperative to note that during the decision making process, the tools and the techniques are employed concurrently in order to achieve the most favorable results. It is also vital to note that the tools and the techniques are used at the same time. The combination of techniques and tools used depends with the complexity of the problem at hand since different combinations apply at different scenarios. For this post office, it is essential to evaluate the combination of tools and techniques using the decision making process and assess if they are the best to solve the existing problem (Harvey, 2009.

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