Essay: Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

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Essay: Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

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The novel death in Venice is written by Thomas Mann a German novelist who was born in the year 1875 June 18 and died in 1955 August 12.  The novel is about an old and respected writer who lives in Munich alone known as Gustav von Aschenbach. One day as he is taking a walk to refresh his mind after a hard days work he a stranger whom he discovers is looking at him aggressively and he decides to leave Munich and travel to another land. He believes that in order to make it big in writing one has to strive to be perfect. The description of the storm and the red hair of the stranger which he says depicts the devil are signs of that all is not well. He also describes the political situation as tense one.

Aschenbach is from a family, which is known for its strict and a good service to their state with his father a much-respected legal officer. The narrator tells us that it is because of this consciousness and his beliefs that have made Aschenbach the artist he is. Since he became famous at an early, he has never enjoyed the idleness of youth for he is always striving to deliver more. His hardworking nature is taking its toll on his health but his desire to give his fans more, for they appreciate him keeps him going. Here we find out that Aschenbach is driven by his will to overcome his physical challenges.

The narrator starts his journey almost two weeks after meeting the stranger but discovers that the wet climate of the Adriatic island is not favorable and for this reason, he leaves for Venice ten days later. Although all his previous trips to Venice he finds the city warm this time, it is cold. In the boat to Venice, he notices that everything around him looks strange. The next boat he takes is black and associates with a coffin thus depicting death.

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