Essay: Death of a Salesman

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Essay: Death of a Salesman

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The paper attempts to display the protagonist (Willy) as a man frightened by the fear of the unknown (present) which leads too his downfall and demise in his struggle for greatness and leaving a mark in the world. “Death of a Salesman.” which was originally authored by Arthur Miller an American playwright in 1949.

Throughout this era this play was recognized and has received numerous credentials in the world in the contemporary drama, and has been crowned with many awards. The play actually evolves around the life of a delusional salesman who lived in the fantasy world, filled with illusion of becoming a great person in life through the art of being a salesmanship. He harbored great hope that his fate would change for better and so he lived his presence filled with past experiences. He fears the presence by the fact that his living condition is infected with failure and poverty as exemplified by Kennedy and Dana (Pp, 1240). The play mostly exemplifies the illusions and fantasies which succumbs a person chasing greatness, this is well depicted with the theme which is used in the entire play.

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