Essay: Against the Death Penalty

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Essay: Against the Death Penalty

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This is an essay by Kennedy in, which he tries to argue against capital punishment. He argues that capital punishment causes emotional distress whish leaves people live in fear of what they may face tomorrow. According to him, capital punishment is only effective and fair for the people who see justice to be above human life rather than human life above justice. There is no way justice can be above human life since without people, justice cannot be imposed. This implies that capital punishment cannot be justified and thus should be terminated.

According to Kennedy, this form of punishment is equated with vengeance, which is not allowed by God. It proves that no one is ready to forgive and prefers his friend dead rather than left alive to change. A person who commits murder is punished but for a person who imposes this kind of punishment even though it ends up to killing someone is not punished. This shows unfairness since there should be no wrong murder and right murder.

Kennedy not only bases his arguments on religion but also on what seems to be right. He does not see this form of punishment to be supported by any reasons but only forced by the gun. He thus does not support this form of punishment for it is unfair and cruel. It is only imposed to show hoe people are sick of confusion, hatred and anger. He sees this as a “barbaric eye-for-an-eye form of Justice is a primitive, savage, and ultimately mindless way of addressing the problem of crime”. It cannot work since it will be away in which people will be supporting evil with evil, violence with violence and murder with murder. Instead of putting efforts to end evil, we will be for the people and thus advocating for its continuity. It is a paper that has strong arguments, which should ensure end of capital punishment.

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