Essay: Death as a Mysterious Phenomenon

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Essay: Death as a Mysterious Phenomenon

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The speaker personifies death and says that death is ready to offer anything in order for it to have us. Death is depicted as a human being who shops frequently. The death’s zeal to acquire possessions is unprecedented. It views human life as a possession it would like to obtain. To many it means that death intentionally hunts the human race in its endeavor to be ‘wealthy’. But is that the case? Death is the most mysterious phenomenon that is dreaded by all living organisms. All humans’ endeavors are geared towards protecting human kind from death. Technology advancements have overwhelmed the world in the aim of making man’s life more secure from death.

It is hard for us conceptualize death. This is because various definitions have focused on the biological nature as opposed to spiritual nature. Many of the religions subscribe to the idea that after death, their souls will assume new bodies. The topic of the soul is really a controversy. Most scientists have opposed the possibility of the soul’s presence in the bodies of living organisms. According to them, the presence of soul cannot be empirically proved.

Mary Oliver depicts death as the ultimate end of life and no one can stop it. Sense of hopelessness is eminent in the poem. The helplessness of human beings to face death has led us to seeking solace by inclining our minds and beliefs to certain faith that promises to unravel the mystery of death. Some believe in reincarnation, life after death, etcetera. The religion gives human kind an edge to cling to in the wake of death. The comfort that a man derives from religion in relation to death is seen rather irrational. Those who believe that there is life after death and the presence of soul have been put into the spotlight.

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