Essay: After the Death of Antigone

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Essay: After the Death of Antigone

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All the people who surround the life of Creon are finished after the death of Antigone. Though she has lived in Thebes honorably, Creon wrongly accuses her and he orders for her execution as a way of showing who is in control in Thebes. Antigone does not care about what the people will say for she is prepared to give her brother Polynices a decent send off but his uncle Creon thinks that Polynices should not be buried. This shows that Antigone is a woman who her own principles and she is ready to follow them irrespective of the wishes of the king.

The audience expects the king to give his niece a fair hearing but he proves to be impartial when it comes to application of the laws that he has set. This is the reason behind the admiration the Antigone gets from the viewers. At the end of the day, Antigone becomes the heroine in the eyes of the viewers.

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