Essay: Death of Antigone

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Essay: Death of Antigone

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On the other hand it the death of Antigone that results to the downfall of Creon. Creon believes that Antigone has to be executed because she is a traitor although there are many people who advise Creon not to do it. This depicts Antigone as a woman of noble class and status for she accepts to die despite the fact that she knows she is innocent. She is accused of having the opinion that Polynices should be buried although it is important to note that giving the dead a decent send off is no sin.

All the people of Thebes sympathize with her for they understand that she is not supposed to be sentenced to death. She does not wait for her execution, but she opts to commit suicide. The most intriguing part in the play is that she is supposed to married to Haemon, Creon’s son but this does not earn her sympathy from the treacherous Creon. Though Creon may seem to be the tragic hero, it is imperative to acknowledge that the audience does not have any sympathy towards him. in order for to be referred to as a tragic hero he or she should be respected in the society but ends up dying because of committing a tragic moral mistake in his or her life.

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