Essay: The Day that changed my Life: Hurricane Katrina

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Essay: The Day that changed my Life: Hurricane Katrina

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The day that changed my life, August 29th, 2005 Hurricane Katrina

It was on the 28 August 2005 when the south coast of the US was hit by the hurricane Katrina. More than 1800 people lost their lives in the aftermath of that hurricane. Loses of more than $81 billion were also reported and as a result, up to now, the victims are still assisted to get back to their normal lives as they were before the deadly storm. The storm caused too much suffering to its victims for there were no proper preparations since it was not expected.

After the deadly hurricane and destroyed  a great deal of the city on 28th, everyone was left worried but no one expected further major damages the following days. We woke up the following day on Monday 29th with my family and were preparing to start our day. We lived Mississippi State and we were counting ourselves lucky for having been spared by the damages of the previous day’s hurricane. Little did we know that we were to face the worst as the coast lines started to submerge. I had just walked out of the house with my little sister and brother to visit the beach since this is our practice during the summer. We had gone to forget what had happened the previous day as we had lost a whole family of our best friends. We had not yet recovered from the shock of loosing all our best friends. Our mother was not for the idea of us leaving the house but altogether, we left.

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