Essay: Dawson\’s landing and the ladder of nobility

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Essay: Dawson\’s landing and the ladder of nobility

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Dawson wrote his article to support the novel by Mark Twain on Pudd’nhead Wilson. According to his argument, this novel is a basis on which all the other literary works could be based since it has a good pace of literature reclamation. After it has a respectable and limited revival, a further stage or critical revaluation has been reached. According to the critics, the novel is not accessible to all the intelligent readers who would like to use it as a basis for their literary works.

The original champions of Mark Twain’s book, Leslie and Leavis, have exposed the vulnerabilities of the book. As Ross puts it, “their pioneering essays, even though they contained valuable insights, made sweeping and at times misleading claims for Twain’s novel” (Ross 245). Although they were out to support the work of Twain, they made so many critics criticize his work. This has caused so many other writers see the book as rebuttal with flaws in the structure and inconsistencies in the thinking of Twain as he wrote his book. For instance, Robert A. Wiggins sees the slave treatment issue being compromised as he says, “if we judge Pudd’nhead Wilson fairly, we must recognize that the flawed structure of the work keeps it from being a satisfying novel” (Ross 250).

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