Essay: Daughter from Danang

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Essay: Daughter from Danang

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Examining closely the stories given in the two documentaries above, we can say with certainty that although both stories speak on the human issues, each deals with an aspect, entirely different from the other. It seems that the human issues touched by each documentary are quite separate from each other. The issue highlighted in the documentary ‘Daughter from Danang’ is about the human nature that reacts and plays its role in the face of mixed race, while that touched in the documentary ‘Journey of Man’ is about tracing the history of the journey of human race originating from one ancestor and traveling down to present human species .

Our job here is to explore a connection between the two different stories as narrated in the documentaries. It is a well known fact that the human race originated from Adam, the first human being to step on the planet earth. There is no doubt therefore that the real patriarch and ancestors of all human races in the world was Adam himself, and it was as a result of  reproduction of human beings from Adam and Eve that all human species spread all over the world. So according to this theory of Spencer Wells the nature of all human beings should have been the same. But it is not so. The nature of every individual human being is different from the other. Another reality about human beings is that major part of their nature is made up of blood. In other words it is the genes in the blood that are responsible for the type of nature each individual has. The fact that the experiment genetically conducted on the blood samples of people of different races, helped trace the ancestral history of human beings, has been elaborately discussed by Spencer Wells in the documentary ‘Journey of Man’. While the aspect of how human nature undergoes a change by the mixing of races and different environment in upbringing has been clearly brought out in the documentary ‘Daughter from Danang’.

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