Essay: Database performance improvement

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Essay: Database performance improvement

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Database refers to well organized collection of records which house data for a specific purpose that can be searched and retrieved and is stored in a computer (Lightstone, 2006). Performance improvement is largely an approach, long-term in nature aimed at fine –tuning the various elements of database. The applications required by the data and its patterns of access determine the decisions in tuning and monitoring since varied applications require different performance modes. To amicably develop a performance improvement process, a guideline has to exist (Bhatia and Sabharwal, 1998; Remias, et al. 1997; Connolly and Carolyn 2002). First, performance objectives are defined followed by establishing indicators for the system’s major constraints. After this performance monitoring plan is developed and executed. So as to know the resources that require tuning, continual analysis of monitoring results should be done. Lastly, one adjustment should be executed at a time.

Also worth mentioning is database performance management. Several factors may affect this management. They include the server platform, number of users, query workload, database type and database configuration (Chavez, 2000). A myriad of interdependencies exist thus necessitating collection of measurable points of performance and carry out ongoing performance analysis. A lot of time is wasted when specific goals are not set. So as to set realistic expectations of stakeholders, user and management input are imperative. Upon benchmarking database and setting of goals, a plan is worked on. Some of the Non-intrusive monitoring tasks like database extents, SQL monitoring, table stats collection and database file space, can be automated (Tagala, 2000). Off-the-shelf automation kind of technology can be used. Bad performance normally experienced by a user may be the result of a missing index or a bad plan. Before tuning a database, SQL and application tuning should be done (Lightstone, 2006).  For instance, all Oracle systems problems dealing with performance are resolved with optimal SQL. The techniques for database performance improvement are as follows:

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