Essay: Database partitioning

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Essay: Database partitioning

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Partitioning in MySQL 5.1 both forms of partitioning are also supported. They include: Hash which is a partitioning mode that allows a DBA to separate data based on a computed hash key defined on one or more table columns. The objective of this is to distribute values equally among partitions. A DBA may create a partitioned table with ten partitions based on a primary (Connolly and Carolyn, 2002). Secondly, Key is a special form of Hash. Here, MySQL guarantees even distribution of data through a system-generated hash key. In the Range mode of partitioning the DBA is allowed to specify various ranges assigned to a data. For instance, a DBA may create a table (partitioned) that is segmented by three partitions containing data for the 1980’s, 1990’s, and beyond (Chok 1981).

List mode allows a DBA to segment data on the basis of a pre-defined list of values specified by DBA. For example, a DBA may create a partitioned table containing three partitions based on the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 (Bhakthavatsalam, 2008; Chung, 2007), Lastly we have Composite partitioning mode which allows a DBA to do sub-partitioning where a table has been partitioned already using another mode. Each partition is segmented further by another method.

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