Essay: In a Dark Time

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Essay: In a Dark Time

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“In a dark time” the narrator is trying to understand his true self. The impression gives the impression that all is not well in the life of the narrator. He uses only one simile although it is full of metaphors, which show that his life is not that smooth. When in the last stanza he says his life is like “some heat-maddened summer fly” buzzing on the windowsill and you see what he is going through.

Theodore Roethke proves that he is one the greatest poets of all times his work is that of a pure being such that “When you read him, ——- astonishment and joy that, truly, you are not yet dead” (Bloom 117-118). His use of metaphors, similes and his choice of language are so good such that despite the fact his work is of the early 1990s it is still a classic today. He uses so much playfulness in his work. This is evident in the poem I knew a woman when he jokes that beauty is only skin deep although he knows for sure that the woman in question is very attractive to him.

The tone in most of Roethke’s works is that of happiness, even though in some the tone is that of uncertainty. This is what is happening in the poem “In a dark time” where his life seems to be in lots of problems. He uses imagery in this poem by personifying his shadow and calls it a dark figure, which turns out to be the dark side of his life. He also personifies his fear and claims that he has to climb out of his fear.

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