Essay: Cyberbullying on Social Networking Websites

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Essay: Cyberbullying on Social Networking Websites

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Through the social networking sites like facebook, the kid’s photos may be altered, the individual may list the teen among the persons being voted as the ugliest and this embarrasses the kids (Shariff, 2009, p34). Through the cyberbullying, one may pose to know a the teen and trick him/her to reveal some confidential information and later post that information on the social interactive forums.

Messages can also be sent to the network providers falsely claiming that the teen/ child has violated some rules and regulations hence forcing their account to be at the risk of being closed. Some provocative information can also be posted on the social gossip networks of the kid. Some lies can be posted to the kid’s social networking site. More so, the hacker can send the kid thousands of messages that costs the child cell phone many dollars.

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