Essay: Cyber Bullying Case

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Essay: Cyber Bullying Case

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Cyber bullying as already seen involve internet crimes that are directed to people who used the internet. This crime was very prevalent in Canada from 90s until last year when the government introduced a criminal law aiming at controlling this crime. More than 60 percent of internet users in Canada had encountered bullying at least once when using the internet. The anti-spam bill was introduced into parliament by the government of Canada through its minister for industry Mr. Tony Clement and labeled C-28 (High, 2011).

This bill was seeking to regulate the field of commercial message sending in the internet It dictated that all messages send via the internet are send with the consent of relevant authorities to avoid spam in both wireless and internet, which is form of undesired messages send to people without necessarily having any business to transact with them. It also sought to prohibit installation of programs in personal computers without the owner s’ consent, describing electronic message as all kinds of SMS and any other kinds of messages send electronically. Therefore, the bill was to introduce legal mechanism to stop this kind of wireless and internet use, therefore thinning bullies’ intentions to execute their missions. A survey in the USA carried by MTV, associated press in collaboration with the most watched television by children in the US, cable channel Nickelodeon, showed that half of 14-24 year olds had been victims of cyber bullying at least once (High, 2011).

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