Essay: Curriculum of king Fahd academy

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Essay: Curriculum of king Fahd academy

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A curriculum that incorporates recognized international education practices is adopted is offered which is subject to high standards in the line of academic achievements and excellent performance (Halstead, 1995, p. 72). The Early Years Foundation stage provides activities to develop physical mobility and self-help skill to children with a strong command in communication skills development. Although the main instruction language is English, Arabic is also accorded the recognition it stands at all age range. Children under the age of five are taken into account of the national recommended guidance for the group, the nursery curriculum being well-planned (Gillard, 2007, p. 53). The teachers and the entire fraternity works toward a student emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development that is achieved in a curriculum that is balanced and challenging

Established by the Saudi embassy, King Fahad academy in London has ostensibly exposed itself as a secular school (Curtis, 2008, p. 118). However, the origin of the institution dictates that the school is open to the middle professional categories who are mainly from diplomats children and the Arab family in the UK. This is aimed at deluding the assertion that the school is religious and therefore obtains the right to teach in Arabic. Such beliefs may discourage non-Muslims from attending such schools because of the fear of language seclusion. A negative attitude may also be developed by those who feel isolated thus igniting inter-language animosities that may lead to favoritism in the world of employment.

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