Essay: Curing Diseases through Stem Cells

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Essay: Curing Diseases through Stem Cells

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There are other ways of coming up with the cells that are needed in curing the diseases that Embryonic Stem Cell Research cures. One of these methods involves the use of Adult Stem Cells, which involves cells, but without termination of any life. The cells required are taken from amniotic fluid, the placenta, adult tissues and other organs including bone marrow, liposuction fat, nose regions, and also from cadavers who are up to twenty hours after their death. This implies that those methods should be used to replace the Embryonic Stem Cell Research and thus save lives (Thomson et al 1147).

Embryonic Stem Cell Research has not been reported to have done better than adult stem cells since research has reported cures of up to thousands people but embryonic stem cell has promising results but not positive results to date (American Policy Roundtable). The use of the cells that are derived from adults has positive results since they belong to adults and thus easily repair the faults. It is easier to match the cells of an adult to that of another adult since the two different cells belong to different people but with the same growing rates (Martin 768). The two types of cells will be compatible easily than when the cells are coming from an embryo to help is healing an adult.

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