Essay: Cultural Norms and Expectations

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Essay: Cultural Norms and Expectations

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Empirically, increased exposure of African-American women to USA (white) values in relation to body weight and image put ethnic minority (Black women) at a greater risk for developing disordered eating behavior and attitudes. Therefore, this research paper shall greatly dwell on examine the impact that cultural norms and expectations have on the value of beauty and attractiveness as risk factors for developing eating disorders in our society today.

Statement of the Problem

Eating disorders pose a great challenge to today’s society, especially to women and their families. This is dominant to young adult women population within this fast moving and globalized world. Eating disorders are thought to have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. Statistically, 6 percent of patients diagnosed with eating disorders usually die due to related causes. Sadly, patients with eating disorders records high suicide rate than that of general population, which is believed to be the major cause of death for individuals with the disordered eating behaviors and attitudes.

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