Essay: Cultural and Ethical Values

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Essay: Cultural and Ethical Values

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John Locke classified natural rights to entail life, liberty and property. He came up with this form of definition in the mid – seventeenth century when England was faced with an era of tyranny. These were times of repression, rebellion and civil wars. During this time tyranny provoked thoughts of what liberty really entailed, and this is when John Locke’s philosophy came to the limelight.

He expressed his radical view on how the government ought to serve its people by protecting their life, liberty and property. However, human beings are entitled to a wide category of rights that ought to be protected to safeguard the welfare of the human race. This essay attempts a holistic account of human rights as stipulated by the philosophical school, and are majorly categorized as natural and human rights. It also tries to show the difference between these rights.

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