Essay: Cultural diversity and social psychology

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Essay: Cultural diversity and social psychology

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As it has been observed that cultural diversity is associated with the subject of social psychology. It is now inevitable to understand the subject i.e. social psychology is known as the gaining of knowledge of interactions among an independent personnel and the people living in the surroundings as a form of group. Whereas an individual experimenting the criteria related to social psychology investigates and ponder on the following areas to bring out the actual conclusions, such as it includes:

  • How an individual develops the facts of a society?
  • What are their beliefs among the respective environment?
  • What is the actual driving force that satisfies them to dwell in a particular society?
  • What are specific times at which they mingle with other individuals in the society and how is that carries out?
  • Observing the result of above accomplishments,
  • The reason of persuading everyone among the society whether in a group or to another individual in a respective environment,
  • How do the individual yields respective understanding among each other in a society in consideration with the specific custom as well as including the value of art in a particular society? (Chryssochoou, pxvi, 2004)

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