Essay: Cultural deviant theory-Walter miller’s study

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Essay: Cultural deviant theory-Walter miller’s study

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Walter Miller in his part concentrated on a different approach to cultural deviant theory. Most of his research was conducted among lower class males in Boston. According to him, delinquent behavior was not bought by another class’s values; instead, he .viewed it as a manifestation of the lower class culture. It was his believed that middle class values were overrated in Cohen’s theory.

He suggested that within the middle class, certain values were regarded as more important than others. However, the lower class was governed by different standards. In the end, this brings about clashes between these two groups and may create conflicts between the two categories or classes. In the lower class, values revolve around survival. Consequently, in the process of achieving these values, young males find that they have to engage in criminal behavior in order to achieve them.

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