Essay: CSR Analysis

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Essay: CSR Analysis

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Pfizer Company has the responsibility of ensuring that it regulates the costs of medical services and products under its line of operation. Good pricing would also make more people to receive better healthcare services since they would be in a position to afford the prescribed drugs. It also has the ethical responsibility of using ethical marketing tactics that would benefit both the company and the community of persons who uses its products.

Legally, the company must ensure that it follows the due marketing process, price regulation standards, marketing policies hence fully adhering to the rule of law. Such efforts would lead to fair competition in the marketing thus other pharmaceutical companies (competitors) in the industry would have an opportunity to compete on a fair platform. The government would receive the necessary taxes while doctors would live a more fulfilled life with good salaries and wages being received. Proper CSR would help in facilitating efforts to reach a solution to the health care problem.

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