Essay: Crying babies-Infant temperature

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Essay: Crying babies-Infant temperature

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Baby cries are normally associated with an increase in body temperature. This does not mean that the baby cannot cry in response to cold or low temperatures. This problem is rare as most parents are successful in clothing their children with warmth clad. However, most baby cries are associated with abnormal increase in temperature. This condition is referred to as fever.

Most fever are not serious as the may indicate the bodies response to infection though they can greatly affect a baby. Fevers of 38.4 to 39.5 degree centigrade are not very serious but they make the baby cry a lot too. High fevers of up to 40 degree centigrade are considered fatal and are even worse in causing child cry. Fevers have been known to cause bouts of lethargy in babies, which may manifest in excessive crying. High temperatures cause a lot of irritability in babies. The baby may remain restless and depict some signs of discomfort in a particular environment.

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