Essay: Critical Care Units and Intensive Care Units

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Essay: Critical Care Units and Intensive Care Units

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Critical care units such as intensive care units (ICUs) are facilities within health care where substantial parts of hospital budgets are consumed. In addition to that, large quantities of human resources are allocated to these units; as a result, good management is vital for a successful, adequate and appropriate use of people and money allocated (College of Nurses of Ontario 2006). Therefore, management aspects cannot be overlooked. In order to enhance the usefulness of human and money resources allocated to critical care units of hospitals, leadership is a vital tool of design to be used as an avenue.

The knowledge about types of leadership according to Tyler-Evans and Evans (2002), gives me two types of situational leadership: task behavior and relationship behavior. In this regard, relationship behavior approach implies that the leader focuses on a good relationship with his or her team. This is accomplished through maintaining the personal relationship by communicating and listening, by providing emotional support, and by offering facilitating and supporting behavior. While on the other side task behavior implies that the leader is oriented towards the necessary tasks through organizing and defining the roles of the group and explains what activities are to be undertaken.

According to my analysis and synthesis, there is no one best form of leadership from these two types. Therefore, the option I have come up with is that as a leader is to match different style to conflict requirements and the context of the situation on the ground. This means that I may have to use different styles with different coworkers in order to bring collaboration, increase involvement and participation and also ensure authority be respected. Furthermore, my leadership shall be people centered and resource based.

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