Essay: Criminological theories

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Essay: Criminological theories

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Theoretical explanation of crime is as a result of ongoing influence of the morality and punishment paradigm within our societal morality issues.  Importantly, in the past decades the crime rate continued to skyrocket in the world and America; that required an advanced methodology by criminologists to effectively combat. For instance rape crime in US today is shocking; FBI, 2003 statistics shows that 450,000 rapes or/and attempted rapes occur every year.

However, understanding crime precedes prevention and controls, as a result, explaining the causation for crime become a vital part of a criminologist. Evidently, the body of knowledge that constitutes criminology regards crime as a social phenomenon. Therefore, fundamental social component: human being is at center stage for criminological explanation.

According to Raymond Michalowski (1998), crime is offending, rule breaking and deviance by an individual relative to societal stipulated rules that are aimed at enhancing coexistence and protection of each member. In other words criminology involves processes of making laws, breaking laws, and the reacting toward the breaking of laws. In order for criminologists to be at par with these processes, they have adopted methods to measure and assess crime over time and place that enable them to measure the characteristics of criminals, crimes, and victims using various methods.

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