Essay: Criminal Violence by US Citizens

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Essay: Criminal Violence by US Citizens

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Unlike other forms of terrorism which are conducted by extremists and with international direction, domestic terrorism involves criminal violations by US citizens who aim to intimidate and cause harm to fellow citizens. Until the 9/11 terror attacks, domestic terrorism was the most common form of terrorism and one of the deadliest as explained by Carafano and Sauter (2005, p.119). Over the years, domestic terrorism trends have been consistent with social and political changes.

From the uprising of the Ku Klux Klan, the United Freedom Front, to the Zionist Occupation Government, the 1980’s saw the upsurge of left extremists who engaged in bombings, robberies, murders and illegal trades. The 1990’s were also laden with such groups but which were in support of right wing ideologies. These groups had developed a hatred for the government and used terror as a way of influencing policies. Since then till the current 21st century, domestic terrorism continues to ferment in the US. Consistent with this upsurge is the relentless efforts of the FBI, CIA and other security agencies in fighting these terrorists. It is no doubt that domestic terrorism is a very critical problem which deserves strict and severe consequences for the terrorists. The country has lost many citizens to such terrorists and the recent attempts by AbdulMutallab to bomb the flight destined for Detroit only goes to showcase the urgency of this predicament.

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