Essay: Criminal justice system-trial

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Essay: Criminal justice system-trial

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Evidence was also based on the witnesses statements produced in the court after summons (Stowasser, 1987, p.79). Here, a witness are cross-examined by the defendant’s lawyer just to ascertain the strength of his evidence. International assistance is sought at this stage incase the crime is extended to foreigners participation. Evidence is strictly scrutinized and if found enough, the proceedings are given a go ahead.

Trial is the next stage. This stage culminates to sentencing by an appointed magistrate who gives a verdict relying in the countries laws (Malcolm et al. 2009, P. 22). It is at this stage I discovered that the accused could be acquitted of any charges and freed. This decision is solely left to the court to decide basing on the way the prosecution has conducted its business. However, retrial can be initiated immediately when more evidence is gathered. Sentencing was the most important stage in the European system of criminal prosecutions. Sentencing procedure s in this place was different for different types of the crimes committed. Relying on the magnitude f the intended or caused damage, the judge comes up with rulings that terminate the case (25). Punishments in this region include fines, or jail terms or community service among others.

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