Essay: Criminal justice system-Islamic versus European

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Essay: Criminal justice system-Islamic versus European

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Something that perplexed me most was the fact that the system allowed one to appeal to a ruling. This was unheard of at my home country. When the religious court called the Kadhi ruled on a matter, one could not challenge it because the verdict given could not in some instances allow the accused to be alive.

The European criminal justice system is well organized right from the top judicial authority to the very last court officers (Malcolm et al, 1995, p. 113). This profile is lengthy compared to the one in the Muslim countries. This implies that the system is very superior. The European system recognize the need to respect the rights of suspects as opposed to the Muslim one where an accused person is presumed guilty even before trial. The superiority of this system is appreciable right from the point of arrest where basic human rights are granted to the conviction time whereby ruling is based on a very robust investigatory mechanism.

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