Essay: Criminal justice system Vocational training

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Essay: Criminal justice system Vocational training

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Male offenders have dominated programs aimed at training inmates while in the prison for long. Such a disparity in females is not only detrimental to their psychology after they live prison but also affects their adaptability to the society after release (Covington, 2001, p. 59). In countries where there has been vocational training for women, it is evident that women were trained in fields such as cosmetology, food sciences, domestic work, and other general low profiled areas, which are irrelevant in today’s world. Covington (2001, p.62) suggests that there is need to indulge women on other technical vocational training such as information technology to put them at par with their male counterparts after release and avoid unemployment. The main reason behind this bias is the fact that most women lack employable or usable skills contrary to males who happen to have acquired some before incarceration. The criminal justice system should consider that females might not only be girls but also single mothers who have children they are supposed take care of after they are released.

By balancing vocational training between both male and female offenders, females will acquire independent thinking and develop higher self-esteem making them more optimistic about life just like males (Covington, 2001, p. 77). This will by far drop the levels of recidivism in females since they will be more empowered and independent. A good example of such initiatives to train women is the wider opportunities for women (WOW) in the Canadian criminal justice system (78). It aims at training women in non-traditional courses such as carpentry, which are believed to be for men only. Such programs create gender equality, equity, and employment for female ex-offenders in fields dominated by men therefore making them more confident and positive about life after prison.

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