Essay: Criminal justice system Sexual and Physical Abuse

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Essay: Criminal justice system Sexual and Physical Abuse

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Being female exposes offenders of such nature into many forms of gender related abuse while in the correctional facilities. A study in the United States revealed that 80 percent of women had suffered some sort of sexual abuse while in prison. Many studies have yielded similar results on matters related to Physical and sexual abuse in female offenders. This led to classification of a female offender in the US as either being 25 to 19 and unmarried, or having one to three children (Belknap et al., 1997, p. 104). Such individuals are also believed to have undergone some kind of abuse outside and inside prison.

These shocking details leads to too many questions about the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in the US in recognizing such gender based abuses that mostly target females. A study by the US national council in crime in 1996 revealed that 92 percent of juvenile offenders in California had experienced some form of sexual and physical abuse (Belknap et al., 1997, p. 106). Most of these offenders are drug and substance abusers meaning that special considerations should be given to them while under correction authorities. The justice system should therefore come up with policies that focus on women as vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse while in prison in order to cure the gender disparity.

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