Essay: Creativity Leads to Conflict in the Workplace

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Essay: Creativity Leads to Conflict in the Workplace

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Another way through which creativity leads to conflict in the workplace is whereby creative employees and managers compete for control of the leadership of the organization. While such resultant conflicts may provide opportunities to learn, and can even result to better organizational performance, such conflicts can kill individual self-esteem as well as participation, increasing tension in the workplace. In a recently carried out analysis of network operator employees and their drive to creativity, the respondents expressed their negative sentiments with regard to creativity, stating that creativity can result to conflicts in the workplace, as some explained that they did not have the time to perform their duties outside what is expected of them (Stahl, 2006, p 318)

This essay has identified fundamental reasons for conflict that supervisors need to understand and embrace in conflict management. If not effectively managed, workplace conflict can lead to workplace violence, a nightmare of organizations; currently, workplace violence costs employees up to $36 billion every year in insurance costs, reputation damage, increased security, and lost productivity (Collins & O’Rourke, 2008, p 3). The fact that conflict in the workplace is inevitable should not be enough reason for leniency. Indeed, supervisors should be well prepared by learning ways through which to analyze, resolve and effectively manage conflicts both for themselves and their employees.

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