Essay: Crash critical analysis

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Essay: Crash critical analysis

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The movie focuses on racial stereotypes among all the races that includes the Iranians, whites, African Americans among others. It mainly displays the racial discrimination in the United States, though this vice has been condemned since the time of the civil rights movements. More so, it is evident that the whites who presume to be superior to other races and have used racial separation with the objective of maintaining their power.  The movie displays clear evidence of struggles among the non-whites forcing some to behave like the American even though they cannot be accepted in the society like the whites irrespective of their wealth or education.

Politics is an issue displayed among the whites and blacks as displayed by the white cop, Ryan, who sexually abuses the black woman, Christine. However, Ryan later saves the life of Christine at a scene of accident making the white, Ryan a hero. It is imperative that the movie does not display the white with many vices as the black who are perceived to be evil. This means that the movie focal point is displaying the superiority of the whites. Ryan verbal abuse to Shaniqua reveals further displays Ryan’s racism after she tells him her name “Shaniqua. Big fucking surprise that is!” (Crash, 2004) On the hand, when an Asian hits Shaniqua, she reveals her true identity as a racial stereotype when she tells the Asian “Don’t talk to me unless you speak American,” (Crash, 2004). Hanson, who is displayed as a mentor for racial justice kill a black man making him appear as a racist too.

Though we cannot wholly claim crash to be an overall racist movie, it mostly focuses on racial stereotype of the characters of different races but mainly revealing white supremacy. The movie presents the racial stereotypes among the American whites and this makes it urgent for the American society to address this issue. Issues of racial stereotypes are also displayed in the American foreign policy.

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