Essay: The Cousins

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Essay: The Cousins

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Rebecca dearly loved her cousin Freyda; though she could have stopped writing to her due to a number of reasons. The first of these reasons could be the fact that Rebecca seemed to be the only one making all the effort to contact her cousin in the hope that one day they would meet despite the constant rejection she faced from Freyda. On the other hand, Freyda termed herself as a very busy person and one who could not speak about her feelings. Rebecca identified Freyda through an article and made efforts to contact her since she believed she could be one of her cousin; and the only remaining family member she had: having lost contact with the rest of her family. The response that Rebecca received from Freyda was however much contrary to her expectation. It sent an implication that she (Freyda) was not interested in any of her relatives at that point of her life. She showed neither care nor concern and as this did not get well with Rebecca, it is possibly one of the reasons she stopped writing to her. Rebecca terminated her constant efforts of reaching out to her cousin.

Inconsistent communication from Freyda is another possible for Rebecca’s withdrawal. At one time, she was so excited reminding Rebecca of their childhood. At other times she turned a cold shoulder to Rebecca, even after the Rebecca invited her to her home and offered her a wing in her house and one of her cars. At the initial stages of their communication, Freyda got angry when she sent two letters to Rebecca without a reply forgetting that Rebecca was always writing to her even when she got no reply. Rebecca tried to show Freyda in her letters that she also had another side that nobody knew of so that she could relate better to her, but all this was in vain.

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