Essay: Couples Seeking HIV Counseling in Addis Ababa

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Essay: Couples Seeking HIV Counseling in Addis Ababa

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HIV and AIDs prevalence in many developing countries have remained high especially in couples. This has lead to introduction of many projects aimed at combating the disease. Such efforts have been seen to yield fruits as the prevalence has dropped drastically especially in pregnant mothers A lesser decline in men has been attributed to the fact that men are more divergent when it comes to choosing their sex partners, which makes them more vulnerable. Ethiopia has not been left behind in fighting against the disease.

Establishment of voluntary counseling centers is one of the major mile stone attempts the government and other non-governmental organizations have made. According to an Assessment of Quality of VCT Services in Addis Ababa, these centers are for anybody who wishes to be counseled on matters concerning HIV and AIDs. Among the most targeted groups are the couples who are deemed very instrumental if any success is to be achieved in this war. However, this group encounters various obstacles as they try to get these services. This paper seeks to highlight Factors Influencing Couples Seeking HIV Counseling and Testing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Focus will be on how these factors affect their decisions and HIV status for that matter.

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