Essay: Couples counseling in Addis Ababa

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Essay: Couples counseling in Addis Ababa

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By the year 2007, close to one million Ethiopians were estimated to be HIV positive (The World Bank, 2008, p. 27). According to the Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office, 2.1 million adults live with the virus whereas 72,000 people die every year from aids related illnesses. Ethiopia has suffered several blows in strategizing on how to face this reality and introduction of voluntary counseling centers (VCT) is one of the most successful strategies (Getachew and Enquselassie, 2007, p. 66).

The millennium aids campaign for Ethiopia (MAC-E) was launched on 25th November 2010 with an aim of making canceling services more accessible to the people. This has lead to an increase in ART uptake and tremendous drops in HIV and AIDs cases especially among the youth or young couples.

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