Essay: Counterproductive nature of erratic communication

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Essay: Counterproductive nature of erratic communication

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Although “irrational processes” guided the initiative, a dominating premise understood the “counterproductive” nature of erratic communication, divisions within the culture of the its administration and divisions within the greater community.  Feminists, as the initiative’s community workers, attempted to avoid this “counterproductive” nature by recognizing the importance of collaboration with individuals across the community, “including” a collaboration with differing “views and interests” that intended to fulfill the goal to remedy or end the violent victimization of women. An ideal collaboration would have avoided the resulting “irrational processes.  However, each individual or collective contribution of actions, views, interests, behaviors or reactions adhered to the assumptions of the sociology of emotions. The initiatives ironically “irrational processes” ignored the ideal nature of collaboration which ultimately featured a collaborative exchange that was “reflexive, identity conscious, status-obsessed and filled with subjective contradictions.” (253-254)

Seeking comparisons amongst the idealistic and realistic perspectives of a victim-relief social initiative guided the initial need for a cohesive and collaborative exchange of ideas.  Seeking individual and collective collaborative perspectives relating to the general concept, function and psychological thought of a victim-relief shelter building initiative ignited the overall purpose of relying on the perceived value and validity of collaboration.  However, the failure of this collaboration moved away from the rational premise of cohesive collaboration and instead encouraged the aforementioned “irrational processes.” Ignoring the importance of “trust” ultimately disintegrated any motivation for cohesive collaboration and stunted any individual and collective exchange of ideas or analysis.  This lack of “trust” leading to a disintegration of cohesive collaboration (individual or collective) prevented any conducive actions or any conducive exchange of ideas.  Instead, those individual and collective collaborations were laden with doubt, selfish motivations defensive tactics.  The discussed initiative’s contradicting collaborative forums included the designation of status over a higher and more ideal community purpose, as well as an onslaught of legal battles while adhering to stigmas, deception and controversy.

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